Day: November 7, 2017

Major Legal Changes Coming For Small Businesses In Massachusetts

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It’s been a little while since we have written something here. So it’s about time that we update you on the state of affairs in Boston and surrounding Massachusetts.

We all know that our federal government is undergoing a few changes at the moment. But all the news about it has obscured some important changes to the state legislation. And these do generally have a lot more effect on the daily life of entrepreneurs and small business people like you and me.

It’s easy to think that a law of trade agreement on the national level is much more important than what happens at the state level. The state taxes and laws often have a lot bigger impact. That is why we are starting a monthly series about the latest changes in state legislation and how best to benefit from it.

You can expect the first entry in a couple of weeks and then we continue on a monthly basis.

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