Major Legal Changes Coming For Small Businesses In Massachusetts

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It’s been a little while since we have written something here. So it’s about time that we update you on the state of affairs in Boston and surrounding Massachusetts.

We all know that our federal government is undergoing a few changes at the moment. But all the news about it has obscured some important changes to the state legislation. And these do generally have a lot more effect on the daily life of entrepreneurs and small business people like you and me.

It’s easy to think that a law of trade agreement on the national level is much more important than what happens at the state level. The state taxes and laws often have a lot bigger impact. That is why we are starting a monthly series about the latest changes in state legislation and how best to benefit from it.

You can expect the first entry in a couple of weeks and then we continue on a monthly basis.

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Is The Craft Beer Business Conquering The World? And What Are The Legal Implications

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Craft brewers have been in the news a lot lately. As small brewers, many don’t realize that they even exist. Currently, approximately 78 percent of all adults that are within the legal age to drink reside within 10 miles of a craft brewers brewery.

As craft brewers, they rely on innovation. They design and create their unique versions of historic beer styles and types and add in their definitive unique twists that create new innovative forms without precedent.

At present, there are over 150 craft brewer styles on the market. Many of these brewers have strayed from the typical style of brewing beer entirely and designed their unique versions of the craft.

two people saying cheers with beer bottles while staring in the sunsetThat’s the intriguing part of craft brewers, and their fascination with the art is only the beginning. As craft brewers, they also tend to be more into volunteerism and philanthropy in their own local communities. They sponsor little league and other local ventures as well.

Typically, less than 25 percent of a craft brewery is owned or operated by beverage alcohol industries that aren’t in and of themselves craft brewers. This makes for an interesting legal situation.

Traditionally, these brewers have the majority of their beverages based in beer that utilizes local ingredients and fermentation.

Interestingly, malt beverages aren’t considered to be a true beer, and thus the amount of these aren’t counted in when calculating the total amount of craft brewers in any given location.

Always look for the seal that the craft brewers association utilizes on their beer. They have a unique design of an upside down beer bottle that designates that the craft beer has turned the beer market upside down and are more independent.

Those who are choosing craft beers are helping to support a local business that is made by an independent brewer states the Brewers Association.

You can find craft brewers on websites, on menus, in local restaurants and other local locations that serve beer. Always ask when dining out if there are any craft brews on the beer list. By supporting local businesses, you’re giving back to your local community.

There are many challenges that craft brewers face in the world of the beer industry today. They must calculate the cost of their ingredients, the raw materials and the vessels in which they will serve their craft. They must also calculate their operation costs.

You can help to support local businesses by choosing craft brews and contribute to defending the artistry. Join the Support Your Local Brewery network and make a difference in your local area.

Remember that when it comes to craft brews, innovation is the key. This is the hallmark of a good craft brew. There are four basic segments to craft brewing.

Some microbreweries produce fewer than 15,000 barrels of the beer annually. Approximately 75 percent of these are sold off-site. There are also brewpubs that sell about 25 percent on site. This is usually sold in restaurants and bars in the local business area.

courthouse with pillars in black and white

Many owners don’t look at the legal aspects of how to start a brewery.

But when you produce drinks that are going to be ingested by a lot of people, you probably want to us some form of liquor license attorney service to make sure you are protected from lawsuits. can make sure a brewery starts of right.

On the other hand, Contract brewing companies produce and sell their beer by hiring other breweries to produce more of their beverage. They will handle the sales and marketing and hire the actual production of the beer out.

Independent regional craft breweries make up the remaining of these companies and rely heavily on tradition and innovation to make their unique beer stand out from the crowd.

Craft beer is typically made traditionally with malted barley, however, using non-traditional ingredients help to define their region and their unique flavors that help them to stand out from the crowd.

By helping to give back to their communities, these breweries are making a difference in the local economy and providing work for locals who would otherwise have to seek employment elsewhere or remain unemployed.

By maintaining the integrity of their brews and keeping their independence from the larger companies, craft brewers are making a huge difference in their local economy and helping to maintain the economy going. If you’re interested in helping your local economy, you can help by just choosing local craft beer over the major corporations that exist in any region.

Your community will benefit greatly from your choices and your participation in philanthropy and volunteerism. For many, craft beer is a lifestyle.

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First Post

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When you are playing cards, and in particular poker, it’s easy to get caught up into winning and coming out ahead.
While that is all well and good,
It’s even better if you can relax afterwards, knowing that whether you won or lost you contributed to a cause greater than yourself.
And there are many causes that we are supporting. Because the world is in dire need of support.
People are living in extreme poverty, working up to 18 hours a day to just be able to feed there kids. And in many places, these are the lucky ones.
Others are locked into endless tribal wars. Whatever they build gets destroyed by conflict. Trade can barely exist because of warlords and gangs.
So good that you are here, we are setting up a couple of nice events.

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